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pomegranate juice

The heart-shaped shape of one of the oldest fruits in the world has been a symbol of happiness and love for artists for centuries. We are inspired by our art of making juice. Our selection are the most beautiful red beads full of health, freshness and sunshine. In the past, the pomegranate was considered the fruit of eternal life. Nowadays, science determines that pomegranate can be associated with numerous benefits for the health and well-being of the human body. At ART JUICE we combine beliefs and knowledge.

The art of making juice

ART JUICE is a combination of the perfect shape of the pomegranate, the red grains and the sun rays absorbed in them.

ART JUICE is our art with pomegranate flavor and a touch of the most loving red color.

ART JUICE is our desire for natural fruit and guild-ready product.

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About Us

Organik Nar is a family company whose first fruits are the juicy pomegranates grown on their own plantations spread in an untouched natural environment in the south of Macedonia.

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About Us


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